Welcome to Anastasia Sidorova Online, the Official Website dedicated to the talented Russian Artistic Gymnast Anastasia. Anastasia won the 2010 European Championship with her teammates in the Team Final and won a bronze in the Floor Exercise final! She won with her team another Gold at the 2010 Jesolo Championship. Anastasia is also a 4-time Gold Medalist at the 2010 Eurasian Games in the Vault, Balance Beam, All Around, and Team Final! Anastasia has won many additional medals in the Russian Championships, and other National Youth Competitions in Russia. Check around this website to learn more about Anastasia.

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Cruelty of Gymnastics: Anastasia Sidorova's Story
The World of Gymnastics Blog has recently translated an interesting article about Anastasia which you can read by clicking here.
Posted on Aug 11 2013.

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2012 Voronin Memorial
Congratulations to Anastasia Sidorova for winning the silver in the Floor exercise final at the 2012 Voronin Memorial! Viktoria Komova won Gold in the final, with Valeria Maksyuta (Israel) in 3'rd.

The full results (in Russian) are available here.
Posted on Dec 16 2012.

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Eva Kanyo Memorial 2012
The Russian team dominated the Eva Kanyo Memorial 2012 competition which took place in Hungary (in October)! Anastasia Sidorova competed with teammates Maria Kharenkova and Anastasia Dmitrieva. They dominated the meet in the first day, taking the highest team total by around sixteen points. Junior gymnast and Russia’s bright hope Maria Kharenkova finished with an AA score of 55.516, higher than even her senior teammate Sidorova.

Unfortunately towards the end of the meet, Anastasia suffered a minor ACL injury (as reported earlier) which kept her out of several future competitions.

The Russian team won Gold in the Team finals on the first day. Their score was 164.080.

On the second day, Anastasia won on the Vault (14.150) and Beam (14.066) finals. She also finished in 3'rd on the Uneven Bars.

You can find a full and excellent report at The Couch Gymnast.
Posted on Dec 16 2012.

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Massilia Elite Gym Competition - Withdrawn
Anastasia Sidorova is listed to compete at the 2012 Elite Gym Massilia, but due to partially tearing her ACL in Hungary, she will be out of competition for 3 weeks. We wish her a full recovery!
Posted on Nov 11 2012.

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Out of Olympic Squad - Injury
Sadly Anastasia Sidorova arrived home today at Rostov-on-Don due to her back pains returning. We don't believe she will be able to remain on the Olympic squad, so Anna Dementyeva has been selected in her place to remain on the squad for the Olympics.

Anastasia will have her back checked out at home and remain there to recover. We wish her a full recovery and it's sad to see her out yet again due to injury, especially from the Olympics :-( Anastasia suffered a string of bad luck with injuries, starting with a fall from a bicycle breaking her wrist, and later on, back problems.

Also, good luck to Anna Dementyeva and we wish her the the best for the Olympics.
Posted on Jun 28 2012.

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Olympic Training Squad
As reported earlier, the final 8 members for consideration on the 5-member team at the London Olympics has been decided.

The training squad includes Ksenia Afanasyeva, Anastasia Grishina, Yulia Inshina, Viktoria Komova, Aliya Mustafina, Tatiana Nabiyeva, Maria Paseka and Anastasia Sidorova.

"We used three criteria for selection," Andrei Rodionenko told news agency RIA Novosti. "First were the results shown in three specific events: the Russian championships, the European championships and the Russian Cup. Second were the routines performed and their compliance with ideal qualities, difficulty and execution. The third was psychological — being strong-willed and showing fighting qualities in tough competitions."

Previously Anna Dementyeva was being considered for the squad, but due to a growth spurt and injury, she didn't perform well in Penza this year. In her place will be Tatiana Nabieva, whom is just returning to competitions after training at home. Previously the coaches weren't considering her, but after Tanya's performance (Winning a Bronze and Silver) at the competition, she was chosen for the squad.

In addition to the 5 members competing, two alternates will be chosen. They will remain in Moscow but will be prepared to head to London if required. The olympic team will be announced no later and likely around 7 July.

Pictures from the final day of the competition will be added later tonight!
Posted on Jun 18 2012.

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Final Day of 2012 Russian Cup
Congratulations to Anastasia Sidorova for winning the Bronze at the 2012 Russian Cup! Details about the competition are not yet available, but the scores are below.

1. Aliya Mustafina 14.700
2. Viktoria Komova 14.200
3. Anastasia Sidorova 14.150
Posted on Jun 17 2012.

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TF Results from Russian Cup
Yesterday, the Team Final competition took place at the Russian Cup in Penza!

Anastasia competed on the Southern Federal District Team, consisting of teammates Yulia Belokobylskaya, Maria Dergacheva, and Kristina Berskromnaya. Her team finished in 4'th place.

The team final also acted as a qualification for the event finals which will begin on Saturday.

Her scores are 14.400 (Vault), 13.334 (Uneven Bars), 12.434 (Balance Beam), and 14.000 (Floor Exercise).

For Anastasia, the competition will continue on Friday in the All Around Final.

You can find a full report of the competition at International Gymnast by clicking here.
Posted on Jun 14 2012.

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Gymnastika Magazine and The Virtual Gym
The Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia has released a new edition of Gymnastika Magazine! This is a periodical from the Sports Gymnastics Federation about Gymnastics in Russia. The latest issue contains a report on the national championships that was held recently, a look at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, an interview with Emin Garibov, and more.

Click here to see the latest issue!

The Russian section of the websites contains an archive of all previous editions which you can find by clicking here.

On VTBRussia's website (created by VTB Bank, the lead sponsor of the Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia), you can take a virtual tour of Ozeroe Krugloe! (Round Lake, the National training facility) The interface is in Russian, but isn't too hard to figure out. It starts by asking you to choose to visit either the Men's or the Women's gym. From there, you can visit many areas, including the Gym itself, the rehabilitation and recovery facilities, the classroom, one of the dorm rooms, and reception area with displays of awards!

The Virtual Gym

I also have many additional photos of Ozeroe Krugloe that aren't online yet, and will next week add a new section discussing all the facilities, along with the daily schedule for the gymnasts.
Posted on Jun 10 2012.

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Russian Cup Schedule

Below is the schedule for the Russian Cup taking place in Penza next week!

Monday, 11th June: Arrival and Podium Training

Tuesday, 12th June: MAG Team Final, and qualifications for AA and EF

Wednesday, 13th June: WAG Team Final and qualifications - competition begins at 14.45 (first round) and 16.30 (second round) and ends at 18.00

Thursday, 14th June: MAG AA

Friday, 15th June: WAG AA (16.30-18.30)

Saturday 16th June: MAG and WAG EF

Begins at 14.00, ends at 16.15. First day's competition appears to be :
men : Floor, PH, HB; women : vault and uneven bars.

Sunday, 17th June: MAG and WAG EF

Begins at 13.00, ends at 17.00.
Men: Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars; women : beam, floor

(Credit: Rewriting Russian Gymnastics)
Posted on Jun 09 2012.

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